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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 1, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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just mean when they lose. the thing is because baltimore, you know, the baltimore- washington dynamic, it's that dynamic so they don't -- they have no compassion for anybody from baltimore. >> you're still getting worked up and you're in the super bowl. >> i know, because i've been with him for 15 years so i've put up with this. and then when, you know, when it's my turn, i don't get any love, none. >> thanks for joining us. one suggestion on how to deal with this cope wise? >> actually, watching you guys, given that you can put up with this, you're good for another 15 years. >> thanks so much for joining us. it's so much fun to talk to you guys. thank you for coming in. this was a lot of fun. we'll toss it over to you. >> thank you so much, mike. of course it is 6:00 a.m. on this friday morning. we're so happy you're joining us. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. we have monika samtani watching your traffic. good morning, my dear. and some flurries out there. >> more than flurries.
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>> both issues, both traffic and weather. howard bernstein has that. >> we have this picture from the germantown marc station, folks waiting for the train. let's go to the weather graphics and you can see what's going on. they want to be on the train, not waiting for it there. roads are covered and slick. northern areas especially rough. seeing a lot of this firsthand. so watch out up in frederick county. parts of upper montgomery county and loudoun county and charles town, west virginia. win chester, virgin as well. watching all of these areas with slick spots this morning. our day planner today, we're looking at temperatures starting out in the upper 20s and low 30s. breezy, still a little snow around at 8:00. after that, things are going to clear out quickly. it will be a windy day with high temperatures not moving much. in fact, steadily falling into the upper 20s by 8:00 with winds gusting at times to 30 miles an hour. winter weather advisories go till 10:00 a.m. probably going to be over before that but the damage will be done with a quick half-inch
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to inch in many areas as this system is scooting east very quickly. it's produced some areas near an ink of snow in the mountain -- inch of snow in the mountains of west virginia coming at us right now. you can see the bands of more moderate snow north and west. another one south and east. in bowie, not yet. be patient. watch out for the slick spots. let's check in with monika samtani at 6:01. she has timesaver traffic. slick spots. the ong thing we have -- the only thing we have going for us is on fridays, we call it friday morning light because traffic is lighter later in the morning. still, slick spots as howard has been telling us, especially to the north and west of town so please keep your speed limits down this morning. give yourself a little extra time. you may just need it. right now the beltway looks okay. tiny bit of slow traffic forming on the outer loop into silver spring. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like here in clarksburg. we've been using this as an example of the snow falling sticking on the side of the middle of the road. so be aware of that. if you're ranking to head over
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into -- if you're planning to head over into virginia, this time on the south side of town coming into virginia from maryland, you're going to be okay. crossing the wilson bridge, northbound 210, an accident right before the beltway. that one blocks the right lane. back to you. >> thanks, monika. a lot of anger and frustration for commuters on the green line wednesday night. this morning we're learning more about why thousands of metro riders evacuated themselves when their train became stranded. >> now an apology from metro's general manager. delia goncalves is live at navy yard with more on what went wrong and how they're hoping to move forward from this. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. it was a failure to communicate simply. that's what it boils down to. a problem that could have been fixed fairly quickly took two hours to address and sent lots of people out here flooding the streets outside of navy yard station. a lot of them actually walked home that night. passengers tweeted out pictures of wednesday night's event. it happened around 5:00 in the
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evening. two green line trains got stuck in opportunity hims between navy yard and anacostia stations. metro says the problem started with a fire in an insulator that keeps power in the third track from energizing the other two. an employee cut off the power to address the problem but that employee never told anyone else. >> it was hot and people were passing out. someone opened the emergency exit. we ran to the nearest emergency excite. >> that kind of communication, we would have recovered faster. we'll look at the precise events. >> reporter: the investigation is ongoing. i have a couple of questions sent out to the spokesperson with metro to find out what the results of that investigation will be. one, will there be any disciplinary action against the employee who didn't follow
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protocol? a second question i asked him, training. are we going to train these folks to actually follow the protocol in an emergency situation? metro says this could have been a dangerous situation. we had pregnant people, folks with asthma attacks, folks who suffered panic attacks stuck in the trains for two hours. it all ended without any major catastrophe but it could have been a really bad situation. so hopefully i can get those answers for you in our next live report at 6:30. back to you. >> and make sure the communication system actually works in all the trains because that needs to be kept up to snuff, too. a ban or limit on the sale of ski masks in the district? d.c.'s neighborhood advisory commissioners at least want to talk about after several robberies by gunmen wearing face masks at the time making accident indication for vehicle ims -- identification for
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victims more difficult. two more days until the super bowl. the 49ers practiced inside yesterday for the first time in the big easy. the baltimore ravens were briefly ose by. this was a day after preparations were moved inside. there were high winds. that was the main concern. today the harbaugh brothers will have a joins news conference and our wusa9 team in new orleans. well have it all for you coming up later today. ♪ for the land of the free ♪ and the home of thbrave
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>> any questions? >> we never really had a doubt that she could physically sing but she gave reporters a preview of her, quote, live performance coming up this sunday during the half time show in the super bowl. she admitted that she did indeed lip simpg her inauguration performance. she was scheduled to sing along with a prerecorded track. she was concerned about the weather and didn't have time to rehearse with the orchestra. for this sunday's big game, she said she's nervous but she will indeed be performing live. it is 6:07. i am following your money this morning. when it comes to super bowl ads, it seems money is no object. companies shell out millions to be seen for 30 seconds in the big game. i'm joined by anthony poppis.
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we'll take a look at one of this year's super bowl commercials. it's from audi and it's stirring some controversy. >> some people don't like the black eye. they think it's a little violent for a super bowl ald but that's not the -- ad but that's not the only potential controversy. there's another one where the white guy speaks with a jamaican accent. >> that's -- i think it's not so much a controversy. it's a positive message ad. i think -- it's been in the news for the last several days. it's played very well in the
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media. i'm not sure it's much of a controversy as much as a well placed ad. >> we're taking a look at it here right now on your screen. do you think it's kind of a manufactured controversy stirred up by the ad business to get a little more attention before the super bowl? >> vw has had a good history in the super bowl ads. this ad is a positive message. it also sort of -- from the people created deutch in new york, they were notorious for really good spots. it's a coincidence it's also getting a lot of good play. >> we're seeing a lot of commercials out early this year. that's a big change from the past. what do you think that's about? is it getting an early bite of the apple or potentially maybe blowing some of the buzz that can happen? >> i think they're trying to stretch their investment. when you spend $3.8 million on a tv spot, if you can get more
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than 30 seconds during the game with a lot of noise and competition, spread it over a week or two, it really creates a lot of content and it has it out in the media, on tv, the internet. i think it's a good idea and people enjoy it. they get to watch it beforehand. >> you work in the ad business. you know how ads work. $3.8 million for 30 seconds. they're actually paying more than last year. we saw some dips in recent years because the advertisers were saying we're not sure it's worth the money but apparently it is? >> it absolutely is. just to give you an example, if you only actually put your ad on the spot for the super bowl, only that one time, you only get maybe 1.3 million viewers. if you extend it over a longer period of time, you can get up to 9 million, 10 million viewers. the $3.8 million to spend for 9 million viewers, that is a
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great investment. with 70 million people watching as well in the super bowl, it's a great investment over time. >> this year social media has been a big deal. people have been getting an early chance to decide how commercials end and there's some talk about that. that's got to play into the strategy as well. >> what you're seeing, them using the content, especially if you spend $3.8 million, you want to extend it as far as you can. social media allows them to do that. it's a shareable piece of content. the other thing is online and using social media, the spots are going beyond 30 seconds. they're a minute, minute and a half. those are engaging stories that people want to read about and see. social media is the best way to get it out there. >>it's really brilliant. thanks so much for coming in and talking about it. >> thank you for having me. taking a stand against heart disease in women. today people are going red and bringing attention to the number one killer in women. we'll be right back. we spend a lot of time on the feed
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winter weather advisory in effect for the d.c. metro till 10:00 a.m. well very a little snow early this morning. maybe even up to an inch in a couple of spots. just a coating for most. it could snarl the morning commute a little bit. we'll turn partly sunny this afternoon. breezy, too. highs upper 20s to mid-30s. weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. it's 6:15. did you know that heart disease is the number one killer in women? so many people think it's something else entirely. going red for women is today. joining me now is dr. daisy lazarus from med star health institute. are people starting to get the message? >> go red for women over the past ten years has saved 627,000 women's lives. so it's a huge impact. yet, if you poll women today,
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only 50% know that heart disease is the number one killer. the rest think it's cancer, breast cancer particularly, but heart disease kills more than all cancers combined. >> one of the things we were talking about, maybe the more aggravating things about this -- thing about this, it's preventible. >> absolutely preventible. more than 67% is related to simple behaviors. quitting smoking, doing a bit of exercise every day, losing some weight, cutting down on the salt in your diet, transfat. it's a very simple measures that every woman can employ every single day of her life. >> is heart disease difficult to diagnosis because women go to the doctor -- many women go to the doctor regularly. is it missed in regular exams? is that why so many-- >> i think a big part of it is symptoms tend to be quite different in women. both men and women can get chest pains but women can get a lot of other symptoms, like
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just being tired, shortness of breath, dizziness, some abdominal discomfort. these are not symptoms we classally associate with chest pains that a man may experience. so symptoms do tend to be different but the message for all women is that you are at risk. heart disease is your number one killer. so get with the program. get advice, prevention and get checked out by your doctor. >> one last question. if the symptoms are different between men and women, the easiest way to detect it in a woman is what? blood tests? another test? what is the test? >> there are different kinds of tests, but if you believe you're at risk, first of all i think the message is change -- prevention is the message. change your cardiac risk factors but consult your internist. there are many different kinds of testing that you can do, including a stress test which may not be specific for women.
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check your arteries for plaque. all these tests can tell us. >> it is the number one killer. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. want to share a picture taken just before 6:00 from the germantown marc station. you can see the big flakes that are coming down. a little buildup on the sidewalk surfaces and other areas are seeing a little buildup on the roads. a brief little snow squall coming through with this upper air disturbance. low clouds. light snow in town. by 8:00 a lot of this will be pushing east of d.c. a cold afternoon. highs in town low 30s. north and west we may stay in the upper 20s as this upper air disturbance racing quickly across the region. the brighter white, these are those bands where at times visibility down a half mile. you can pick up a quick quarter to half an inch in 20, 30
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minutes. we're seeing -- once you get past i-81, even the back edge racing quickly east with these bands across the region from fairfax across parts of montgomery county, even off to our south and east. we have another band there, a fast moving system. visibilities drop like in quantico to three-quarters. leesburg three-quarters, just a sign of the quick intense little burst we'll see but this will be out of here in a few hours. behind it temps drop off. teens in pittsburgh. 10 in columbus. we're still in the 20s and 30s this morning. locally below freezing in many areas. even at 33 with the intensity, we're going to stick to the road a little bit. 31 reston. 28 germantown to 33 in waldorf. outside the clouds out there. a little bit of light snow at national, 34. but feels like 27. winds starting to turn from south to west. they'll be picking up. futurecast shows the system quickly moving east. here we are by 9:00. by lunch time it's just about out to sea. so a little snow early. a little excitement for your morning. that's why we have the yellow
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alert out but only for the next few hours. partly sunny, windy this afternoon. we'll be lucky to get to 34. tonight 22, partly cloudy. 14 outside the beltway. 36 tomorrow with snow showers tomorrow night. again a coating to possibly an inch. super bowl sunday looks okay with a passing flurry, 41. we'll be around 40 on monday. let's go over to monika samtani. she's got some traffic cameras showing where the snow band is. we do. if you take a look at the camera i'm about to show new rockville, it's really coming down. it was up in clarksburg and now we're going to take a look at our mdot camera if we could, lauren, at montrose road and 270. if you look closely, you can see it coming down against the light here. that's also going to affect your visibility, keep the distance from the car in front of you. people are going slower. you don't have the volume but you still want to keep your speed limits down especially coming in from frederick. we got word from frederick county up there at the intersection of i-70 and 270
6:21 am
that the snow is causing some problems there as well sticking to the roads up north. this time over to the other side of town coming in from the west again, a band of snow as howard has been saying. let's take a live look outside one more time. this time on the dulles toll road at route 28. again snow sticking to the side of the road here. back to you guys. we'll be back in a few
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welcome back. frederick county, virginia on the two-hour delay. frederick, maryland still on time school wise. let's show you what's happening on the radar. we have a few bands of moderate snow moving quickly through the region. you'll see we've got the snow to our north. all around us actually. starting to clear out as you head west of route 15. so a quick moving system, although it could drop even up to an inch of snow. a lot of areas will see quarter
6:25 am
to half-inch. a slick start. we turn partly sunny later this morning. windy this afternoon with high temperatures in the lower 30s. michael? >> thank you, howard. 6:25. we're following breaking news this morning. we're getting reports that three time former new york city mayor ed cox has died of congestive heart failure. >> he was 88 years old. he was known and loved in new york city from 1978 to 1989. he was mayor and dealt with a severe financial problems of new york city. >> he would ask, how am i doing? he was received very warmly and hence his three terms as new york city mayor. ed koch has passed away. i'm sure condolences will be coming out soon. today is hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state. she will have a meeting at the white house and say goodbye to her staff at the state department before she packs up and leaves. john kerry will be sworn in as the new secretary of state this afternoon in a private ceremony at the state department.
6:26 am
hundreds of riders were stuck on the green line on wednesday. we're going to get some answers from metro this morning. delia goncalves is going to have more for you when we return. keep it here.
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6:29. good morning. if you're just waking up this friday, this is the place you can always get your weather first and we have plenty of it for february 1, 2013. a live picture from shady grove and rockville park.
6:30 am
you can see plenty of big flakes coming down. >> getting messy out there. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. i'm jessica doyle. andrea roane is on assignment in new orleans. howard bernstein is watching the messy stuff on the roads and the skies. he's on the weather terrace with the forecast. >> it's like a snow globe out here. big fat flakes. some areas north and west of town, we know the ground is white there. got a quick burst, a little squall coming through. this is a very quick hitter. it will start to pull out the next couple of hours. even by mid-morning i expect the sunshine to return. here's a look at your day planner. the snow reducing visibilities a little bit. we'll be in the low 30s this afternoon. 32, maybe 33, 34, somewhere in that range. we have our school delays, a bunch of them on the bottom of the screen. i want to reiterate frederick, maryland is not drawed. it's fred -- not delayed. it's frederick county, virginia delayed by two hours. look how fast this is moving east. maybe done here by 7:30 or 8:00
6:31 am
here in washington as we're seeing areas just west now of sterling. over toward leesburg and frederick starting to get out of the snow. some of it is on the moderate side. 27 in gaithersburg. still snowing there. frederick 28. 34 officially at national and 32 in annapolis with highs again not much higher than where we are now. it is really pretty out here if it doesn't cause too many problems on the roads. with more on that, we go inside to monika samtani. it really is a pretty snow. i've been looking at all the cameras. the only thing is it's causing fender benders around the area. no major accidents but that just tells you you need to keep your distance in front of you because of all the slipping and sliding that's going on right now. inside the beltway, you want to remember bridges freeze first. right now we're doing okay. roosevelt memorial, 14th street bridge and 295 to the 11th street bridge. if you're planning to head here on 270 southbound, the snow and the poor visibility here causing the slow stuff through rockville and up in germantown as well. let's go to another camera
6:32 am
shot, this time out to college park. looks like we're doing okay here till you get to the 95 interchange into silver spring on the outer loop. one more last look in virginia again. it's the heavy traffic and you see the snow coming down in the camera shot causing this delay to 395. back to you. >> see you in a bit. time to check on our partners over at cbs this morning. they're down south this morning. we think it has to do with super bowl xlvii. >> charlie rose joins us from new orleans from the gorge us a set that's been constructed -- gorgeous set that's been constructed for you guys. good morning. >> indeed we are in new orleans on this gorgeous set from super bowl park at jackson square. ahead they may be the most famous parents in the country this weekend, jack and jackie harbaugh will watch their sons coach against each other on sunday, but first, the proud parents will be right here on the set with us. also, we have the hundred-year- old cotton warehouse and it contains a hidden arsenal of special ops team and gear. john miller takes us inside. plus, new orleans native and
6:33 am
two-time super bowl mvp eli manning. all that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> charlie, thank you. we'll be watching at the top of the hour. >> no tie today. charlie looks good. passengers are still steaming after a metro meltdown on the green line wednesday night. hundreds of commuters were stuck in a tunnel for hours. >> metro is offering at least some answers for the if fiasco. delia goncalves is live at the navy yard station with a look into that. >> reporter: good morning. this is what we can tell you we know happened so far. metro tells us there was a fire on an insulator. that's a fire engsly on one of the -- engsly on one -- essentially on one of the tracks. an employee cut off power which was protocol. what went wrong is the employee never told anyone else that they cut off the power. so it took hours to fix a problem that essentially could have been fixed immediately.
6:34 am
the failure to communicate forced hundreds of passengers out here into the cold streets outside of the navy yard station. take a look at these pictures that some frustrated passengers tweeted out of that wednesday night horrendous commute. it was during the height of rush hour. two green line trains got stuck in a tunnel between navy yard and anacostia stations for two whole hours. passengers simply panicked. they pushed open the doors, walked on to the tracks down that tunnel to get to an emergency exit. metro's g.m. who is now apologizing for the whole incident says passengers should never walk on train tracks unless they are in immediate danger. take a listen. >> i myself have been a commuter for many years. i have been on a train that sat in the dark in a tunnel. i understand that feeling but you're generally much better off unless there's immediate danger to stay on the train and wait. >> reporter: i said metro is launching an veg to find out
6:35 am
exactly -- an investigation to find out exactly went wrong, why protocol was not followed. i have a couple of questions myself. what happened after the investigation? will that employee face any disciplinary action? will there be additional training and what about the whole communication issue with folks literally be in the dark on those trains for two hours not knowing what was going on? i have tweeted an e-mail to the spokesperson for metro about half an hour ago. haven't heard back yet but i'll stay on top of it. i'll update my twitter page and facebook as soon as i get any information. twitter at 9news deal ya. back to you-- >> delia. back to you. >> thanks, delia. we want to update our breaking news. three-time former city mayor ed koch exased away this morning from -- passed away this morning from congestive heart failure. he was 88 years old. >> a lot of us grew up with ed koch. the washington area and new york tied back and forth. ed koch dealt with the problems
6:36 am
of the financial crisis in new york. we saw skyrocketing homelessness, racial tensions growing. still a very beloved mayor from new york city. >> he would walk around saying how am i doing? he would always want the feedback. the condolences will be pouring in this morning for ed koch. he passed away this morning in a new york hospital, 88 years old from congestive heart failure. switching gears. we've got some bargains coming up. hundreds of couture wedding gowns going on sale this weekend, some up to 85% off. all of it for a worthy cause. we're going to take a look at some of them coming up. eat good fats.
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6:40. we have more breaking news. we're getting reports from the associated press that an explosion has taken place outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. we have another alert that there are possibly injuries associated with this. an explosion outside the embassy in turkey. possible injuries with this. the other breaking news this morning of course are the flurries and the snowfall we've seen in the washington area. howard is here with that. >> some folks seeing flurries and bonified snow squalls
6:41 am
coming through. good news, they'll be coming through very quickly. they come in fast, drop a half- inch of snow and out of here. already seeing the radar clearing out of places like loudoun county. this is a quick hitter. sunshine will be out in a couple of hours. here's a look outside right now. oh, got it on the radar. there's a quick look at radar. we'll back it up for you and show you the picture at the germantown marc station not quite an hour ago with the snow coming down. your day planner, reduced visibilities right now in d.c. we've got some mod yacht snow bands coming -- moderate snow bands coming through. the snow will be well east of us, might even across the bay by 8:00. 31 at noon. 31 at 4:00 with a high today 31, 34, in that thaikd. this thing -- in that neighborhood. this thing is racing across the region. light snow. a brief period of moderate snow dumping the snow call on us. -- snow squall on us. out to the west we're starting to see this wind down already. i want to zoom in here. what i've done, i've turned up the lightest of the returns.
6:42 am
you're only seeing the more moderate snows across central montgomery, much of fairfax down into stafford and eastern prince william. got a report from around bealeton about half an inch of snow. fluffy snow on the ground there. we are getting some areas getting agent bit of accumulation, even on road surfaces. so just take it a little bit slow this morning. this thing is just racing quickly to the east. visibilities also tell you where the heavier snows are. at least at 6:00 a.m. we have visibilities down to less than two miles in gaithersburg. two miles manassas. quantico was three-quarters. they've come up to three. we've seen it quickly move east. behind it the air is really cold. upper single digits to mid teens west of the mountains. we're still in the 20s and 30s, although it's sticking with 28 in ashburn and 29 at rockville. 32 in alexandria. as we look on our mike equal&-- michael&son weather camera, reduced visibilities. we may have been to our high
6:43 am
already. winds picking up out of the west, northwest 30 miles an hour. quiet tonight, 22 in town. 14 north and west. snow showers saturday night after hitting a high of 36. could drop a coating to an inch. sunday 41, super bowl sunday that is with a passing flurry. by monday we're back to 40 and tuesday a flurry possible, 45. we've got a moderate snow squall going on causing some issues. >> that's a sudden moderately heavy snowfall, a snow squall. i looked it up and now i know. that's exactly what's happening. howard has it on the nose. it's happening right at the middle of rush hour. you know what that means for traffic. i want to start with the bridges. if you're going to cross any of these bridges, right now they're incident free but they freeze first so be aware of that. let's take a look outside. first a live picture from route 355 and shady grove road. that's a snow squall over here in the rockville, gaithersburg area. the other side on the beltway north of town, this is the
6:44 am
outer loop, the left side of your screen. it's going to come around from the i-95 interchange silver spring. the snow sticking to the roads. northbound 95 affecting the road here. look at that snow. it's actually pretty on the northbound side in springfield but keep your speed limits down. a little further north on 395, same story here. hard to see this but it is slow duke to seminary. back to you, jess. >> thank you, monika. looking for a gorgeous gown for your walk down the aisle? the brides against breast cancer charity wedding gown sale will be going on this weekend. here to talk more about the sale is the tour manager ashley ritter. thanks so much for coming in this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> this is a great event. lots of gowns, gorgeous gowns, deep discounts. what are we planning for? >> well, we will be unloading very shortly about 800 gowns into the ballroom at the sheridan pentagon. we're getting ready to start our kickoff of the unveiling of the gowns this evening from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> that's very exciting.
6:45 am
the discounts are deep. tell us a little bit about that. >> yes. we have all designers. the gowns are sized from zero to 30. we have up to 85% off on these gorgeous, gorgeous gowns and styles. >> you're unloading them tonight. can you go in and actually preview the gowns tonight so you know what you're going for when the doors open? >> yes. you can preview and purchase your gown this evening at our cocktail party or you can come to our general admission tomorrow which is all day on saturday. >> you have been delightful to bring in some models and some gowns. let's take a look at some of them. they are spectacular. >> so biewf. first we have maryann. she's wearing this gorgeous sweetheart fit and flair gown. look at the detailing on the bod decides. just a fun ruffle skirt. this gown was originally $1,000. you can find it at our sale this weekend for $800. >> that's a really good savings. of course this is all going to charity which is good, brides
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against breast cancer. >> yes. 71% of the money we raise will go towards our mission of helping people impacted by cancer. >> let's take a look at the second gown. >> we have walita in this gorge us spaghetti strap gown. very simple, very sheik. it's got a very full skirt. it's -- its simplicity is just so gorgeous. >> i love the look of this. >> this gown was originally $1500. you can find it at our sale for $500. >> wow, that's a winner right there. now we have another gown as well with some sparkly detail. >> amy is wearing this bling- bling gown. it's full of lace. we've got in toulle on the bottom. this was originally $1,000 and you can find it at our sale for $800. >> that's such a great deal. run us through the details again. where should people go, when should they go? what's the plan? >> you can come to our sale
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either this evening for our v.i.p. cocktail party from 6:00 to 9:00 at the sheridan pentagon or all day tomorrow. you can also visit our website to learn more and register. >> ashley ritter and ladies, thanks so much for coming in and telling us about it. time now to answer the washington golf show question of the morning. a record number of super bowl watchers were women last time around last year. out of 111 million plus people who watched the super bowl last week, what do you think the percentage of women who watched were? is it a, 50%, b, 46%, or c, 42%. our facebook friend karla wrote, aim going with 46% b. there are more women hosting super bowl parties and going to related events. she's right, the answer is b. 46% of all the people who watched the super bowl last year were women. if you answered the question correctly this morning, you can be entered to win four tickets
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to the golf show at the dulles expo center. today is the last day for at honda,
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welcome back. your weather first. we have 6:51. watching ray radar. this fast moving disturbance pushing -- watching radar. this fast moving disturbance is pushing through. south and east, you may not have seen much now, but this band of heavy snow coming through like national airport at the moment is headed towards prince george's county, charles county, anne arundel and calvert. it's coming your way. as quickly as it's coming, it's going. look at the moderate snow we're looking at not far from national airport right now in this snow squall. it's only going to last 30,
6:52 am
maybe 60 minutes. by lunch time only in the low 30s with winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. and we're just not going to see much movement on those temperatures today. >> thanks, howard. it's 6:52 on the nose. this whole week we've been sharing some of our favorite super bowl memories, especially the commercials. >> we've been asking our wusa9 facebook fans for their pick. this has become a super bowl classic. a play on george or well's -- orwell's 1984 release in 1984 by apple. [ inaudible ]
6:53 am
we shall prevail. >> on january 24, apple computer will introduce macintosh and you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984. >> wow. >> a great spot. >> like a mini movie. it's creepy. >> makes your skin kind of tingle a little bit. boy, did that ush near a change -- that usher in a change. >> apple computer, macintosh, look how big they are now. >> i grew up with apple 2e. >> you can see the brand new commercials this sunday. watch the super bowl right here on wusa9 starting at 6:30 gz the time is 6:53.
6:54 am
one more check of weather and
6:55 am
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welcome back. 6:57. moderate snow squalls coming through the region right now. they're quickly moving south and east. if you haven't seen them in areas south and east of town, get ready. you may get a quick half inch. the sun will return the next couple of hours west to east. we'll have a decent day although it's going to be windy with high in the low 30s of the another chance of light snow saturday night. then a little bit of moderation next week. super bowl sunday looks like we'll see temperatures here in the low 40s. but you'll be inside watching so it's all right. i feel like a weather geek today because i learn add new term from howard. >> snow squall, not blizzard. >> and the meaning is? >> a quick hitting burst of snow. blizzard has wind and longer
6:58 am
dur ages and advice -- duration and visibilities down. >> if you were watching us just five minutes ago, it had just gone through here. now it's left wet road conditions and a couple of flurries. let's go over to the beltway in college park. again, this is where your visibility will be reduced. slow into silver spring. cbs this morning is going to preview super bowl xlvii with the harbaughs. >> of course they'll also have more on ed koch passing away and an explosion outside the turkish embassy. we had a lot of fun this week on wusa9. as we leave you, we'd like to look back at our week. have a great weekend. enjoy the super bowl. take care. bye-bye. go ravens. we have a celebrity on the set. >> this is my photographer. >> it's meat week. >> look at this. >> baltimore ravens are here to win. i don't have anything to rhyme with that.
6:59 am
>> onions. >> you like spicy? >> yeah, yeah. >> this is our mustard. >> i'll give it a try. it's meat week here all week. >> here we are. >> i may make some time in my schedule. thanks so much for coming in, guys.


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